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Media Tech SPAC Chief Media Officer Celia Li talks to Proactive London's Katie Pilbeam about her experience as an international media executive and renowned TV presenter for the world’s largest independent Chinese TV broadcaster Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd.

During her broadcast career, Li has conducted numerous interviews with high profile individuals from Royal Families, global business and political domains, including one on one interviews with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, HRH Prince of Wales, HRH Duke of York, Sir Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch.

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“The Board will advise all target companies on their growth strategies and use their extensive network to provide rapid growth strategies.”

John Mahtani, Co-Founder and CEO of MTS Plc had a power Sunday interview with ShareTalk's Zak Mir. John Speaks on MTS strategy and timeline to a standard listing on the LSE. He also discusses his background in the media space, including his time at AOL, Time Warner.

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